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About The Academy

CAREGIVER ACADEMY INTERNATIONAL is conducting Pofessional Caregiver Certificate courses. The programs are specifically developed to prepare the students to be Health or Personal Care Aides while developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes of Caregiving NC in accordance with industry standards. It consists of of competencies that a person must achieve to provide care and supports to infants/toddlers, provide care and support to children, foster social, intellectual, creative and emotional development of children, foster support to peple with special needs, maintain healthy and safe environment, respond to emergency, cleanliness of the facility and meal preparation base on dietician advice.

What they are saying about us

I have strong confidence and trust that with the commitment and determination of all interested parties under the TVET and the full support of the industrial sector, we can all succeed in reviving and redeveloping our country to become a developed nation, respected as a world tiger.

-Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

More caregiver training needed to boost supply.

-Dr Wan Azizah

TVET gave a second chance to students without the academic qualifications to excel in the fields they were interested in.

-M. Kulasegaran

Pofessional Caregiver Certificate Courses

The American Caregiver Association is the National Standard for caregiver certification in the United States. The ACA has been around since 1985 and as the National Standard we offer you a convenient and simple way to become a certified caregiver by taking our National Caregiver Certification Course (NCCC).

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Why Choose Our Academy?


We are committed in providing professional caregivers to our clients.


Those who have completed our exclusive training program specially designed for companion caregivers will have a great opportunity in caregiver industry.


We give advanced training for our student to better match the needs of care seeker.


Caregivers who have completed our courses have high opportunity to serve globally.


Caregivers may find that their new knowledge and new experiences can resolve many challenges faced by untrained caregivers.


Caregivers who train at our academy are ready to overcome any challenges in the future.